Former Employee Defending Chef Ryan McCaskey

28 September 2020

From the desk of Zachery Moy

My name is Zachery Moy and it has come to my attention that Chef Ryan McCaskey has been negatively featured on Chicago Eater. I was a stage (intern) from roughly September 2014-June 2016. I usually came in on Fridays to enhance my cooking skills. There's a stereotype in this industry that chefs will scream at you for not performing up to task. I have NEVER seen him yell at anybody. PERIOD.

At the moment I am in school to better enhance my earnings. The last time I worked in the food industry was May 2018. I am very busy and it’s disheartening to see a talented chef and mentor get negative coverage in the press.

I will put to rest the allegation that “he encouraged liberal drug use” as outrageous and I have never heard of Ryan discussing putting drugs in any food. When Chef got his second Michelin star everyone in the restaurant was given a glass of champagne to toast, and as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol Ryan never pressured me to drink.

I only have nice things to say about Chef Ryan. I have never formally been trained to cook and Chef graciously welcomed me in his restaurant. No Ryan didn’t pay me to write this or ask me to, I just didn’t want to see my mentor get unfairly shamed by the public, ruining his reputation. I also want to emphasize this isn't to discount the experience of others. I learned a lot about high end dining and grew as a person as well. Thank you Chef.